A Remnant of You

Sometimes I wonder whether you have changed the fragrance of my skin or I started smelling like you…. Sometimes I wonder whether you have improvised the way I express myself or I started communicating like you…. Sometimes I wonder whether you have made me a more desirable person or I started behaving like you…. Sometimes I wonder whether you have made my life unchallenging or … Continue reading A Remnant of You


And there she was lying next to him on the floor in the silence, listening to the rain hitting the window. Each drop of rain touching the ground gave her chills. She moved a bit closer to him and leaned her head against his shoulder. And there existed only his warmth that touched her soul, which could rip her apart in a moment and put … Continue reading THE RAIN


Read SOMETHING UNSAID-III here And there he stepped ahead to convey his decision. “I would request media not to believe in the rumors of my retirement. I was privileged enough to get this onsite opportunity which is the dream of millions in the country. And, yes I am in for the project.” he stated with lot of pain in his heart. He knew each word he uttered out … Continue reading SOMETHING UNSAID – IV


Read SOMETHING UNSAID-II here And there he was in the hall confronting thousands of people waiting to hear his decision. As he imagined himself occupying the leftmost seat of the three reserved for the eminent personalities, he tried to calm his nerves. He gave a final brush to his hair and cuffed his sleeves and prepared himself for responding to the biggest question of his … Continue reading SOMETHING UNSAID- III


Have you ever wondered why certain people in life always hate you, no matter how good or bad you are? Have you ever gave a thought what would be the right call, whether to reciprocate their actions or not? Here are some points that might ease your decision-making process: When you hate someone they get power over your thoughts, actions and ultimately your life. They … Continue reading 7 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT HATE ANYONE